Monday, 29 August 2016

What Causes Noisy Water Pipes?

If you have some noisy water pipes in your home and you keep wondering what is causing that noise, then you are not alone with this dilemma. This is a problem that is common around the world and people keep looking for the reasons so they can solve the noisy water pipes problem. Well, you don’t have to wonder more about it nor you need to stay in the dark anymore because I am going to share the possible reasons for same and I would try to help you with some solutions as well. I am positive those details will help you in this situation smartly and you can get rid of this troubling situation easily.

Loose pipes at places: Loose pipes can be the most common cause of noisy water pipes in your home. In all the plumbing situation, sometime plumbers find it very hard to secure the water pipes with proper braces or other equipment’s and they leave it as it is. They do the same because they can’t reach to those places easily and they assume it will not give any trouble to you at a latter time. But if you have loose pipes, then it will not be a good thing and you would have noisy water pipes as well in use. To avoid this problem or to deal with this situation, you can actually start with the inspection. First, find an open area from where you can inspect your pipes and if you notice there are a lot of movements, then you can take some faucets and you can fix the pipes with it. In a good situation that should resolve the problem of noisy water pipes in your home and you should have a peaceful home as well with that in really easy ways.

The problem with water pressure: Accept it or not, but variation in water pressure can also cause the problem of noisy water pipes in your home. If you have a very high water pressure in your pipes, then it will cause it to vibrate and if this situation remains to continue, then it can leave a negative effect also on your water pipes. That means if you notice water pressure is too high and you are having noisy water pipes because of that, then you need to take immediate actions for that. In a good situation, the water pressure in your house should be between 40 to 60 PSI. If you have a pressure higher than this, then things are not good for you and you need to take actions accordingly. To reduce the pressure you can use a valve for pressure reduction. There are several valves available in the market for this purpose and you can easily get one. And to check the pressure of your pipe, there are some tools available for that also. So, you don’t need to worry much about that also in any situation.

Pipe size changes: Some time you may have a cracking kind of sound from your water pipes. If you have this kind of noisy water pipes, then you are having that issue because of hot water usage. If you have metal pipes in your plumbing, then it expand during the hot water usage and when water get cooled down, then it reduce back in its size. This expansion and reduction of water pipes cases a cracking sound and causes noisy water pipes in your home. To deal with this situation, you only need to use a proper insulation on the pipes. It will reduce the pipes cracking sound and you would not have this complication. If that is not possible, then you may need to try making a cut in the framing. And if you cannot do either of these solutions, then you will have to bear the cracking sound during your hot water use and sometime after that also.

Water hammer working: Water hammer is a term in plumbing that is used for the immediate stop of water in your home. For example, your flush is empty and your pipe start filling it. When it get filled, then instead of closing the water supply slowly, it does the closing instantly. In that situation the energy of flowing water causes a bang sound and that gives noisy water pipes to you.

If you have a very old home or if you live in a condo, then you may not do much in that situation. In condo, people would keep using water and you cannot control them. And if you seriously want to deal with this problem then you can use some air cushion options for same. However, I would recommend you not to do that by yourself because you may end up damaging the entire system. For that you should hire a good and experienced plumber that can do this work for you.

Internal build up: If you have any kind of woof, pulsing or pushing sound from your pipe, then it means your pipes are developing some internal build up. After a long period of use, that is a very common situation and you may not do much with that. This is very common in galvanized pipes or metal pipe because that react with water, oxygen and other mineral and forms a deposition inside the pipes. It can have some calcium deposit also in your pipes and that can take the form of bigger blockage.

If you are asking for a solution for this situation, then I would say I don’t have any. For smaller pipes, you can turn of the water supply and you can try to use salt and water snake to deal with this situation. If that works then it is great else you would have to call a plumber for that. In a good situation plumber may remove all the blockage with right tools and if you are not lucky enough, then you may need to replace the old pipes with new one. I am saying this because cleaning the pipes from inside is never an easy thing and you can also understand why it is difficult.