Friday, 21 July 2017

How To Repair Toilet Bowl When It Gets Choke

Almost everyone is faced with the same problem: clogged toilet what to do at home? You should make the decision and carry out emergency work at home on their own. In order to approach the problem correctly, it is necessary to know the causes and the nature of this unpleasant phenomenon. That is, knowing what has choked the toilet bowl, you quickly find ways and means to clean.

The main cause of the problem

Usually a clog in the toilet occurs through the fault of the homeowners. Itself plumbing fixtures to become clogged may not. With the exception of those cases when the device is in operation for decades, and the drained water is rich in calcium. This leads to the fact that on the inner walls of plumbing formed a thick limescale. Over time, the orifice is narrowed so that the wash liquid will pass through it with considerable difficulty. But it happens quite rarely, as the plumbing not being used for so long.

Mainly reasons that a toilet bowl choke, as follows:

- Improper Assembly. Since the product connects to the sewer via the corrugated tube, to achieve complete water tightness of joints sealants are used. A mistake is an excessive amount of this substance. Freezing in the Bayou, they pretty much cover it. On this ledge delayed of thread, hair and other items, gradually narrowing channel. Sooner or later they will clog the drain. Corrugation may warp during careless installation, and the clog in the toilet arises from the fact that the curves of the clogged waste that is drained into the sewer.

- The formation of fatty deposits. Emptying into the toilet the remnants of food is quite common. As a rule, the fats and grease in a hot condition. Getting into cold water, they cool down quickly and stick to the walls of the inner channel of the toilet. On these deposits is not affected by either water pressure or vacuum. But, new fat waste will be to continue the process of narrowing drainage channels.

- Violation of the technology of waste disposal. The most common reason that water is stuck after flushing, are sanitary pads. Not wanting to be seen around, many ladies allowed in the toilet these personal hygiene items. The sorbent which is contained in them, instantly swells. As a result, the gasket gets stuck and completely blocks the flow of water. Another mistake is the flushing of the filler for the pot. Pressed sawdust greatly increase in volume when in contact with water.

- Repairs in the apartment. After using cement and putty remains a dirty container. As a rule, it is washed, and the liquid is discharged into the toilet. Heavy particles sink to the bottom of the channels and hardens. Formed a very solid deposits. They will help to ensure that the toilet is clogged constantly.

If choke the toilet bowl immediately after installation and observance of technology of installation, then it may be a structural defect. In the pursuit of compactness the manufacturers forget about the notion of channel capacity of a sanitary unit.

Priority actions

In this article, we have prepared repairing tips. If suddenly choke toilet bowl, it is necessary to establish the cause of this. From the correct diagnosis depends on the choice of the method and means of eliminating the problem. First of all, you need to understand that clogged toilet or a blockage has formed in the sewers. For this you need to open the faucets in the bathroom and the kitchen and check on running drain. If everything is in order, then a clog has formed in the toilet.

Then you need to try to find a place where the formed barrier. First you need to take out the liquid that filled the bowl. You can use buckets and half-liter jar. After that you should put on hand rubber glove and stick it as deep as possible into the drain hole, you can use a thick plastic bag. If a foreign object is stuck close, then it can be felt to the touch. In this case, you can try to remove it by hand. If a clog has formed in the back of the toilet, you have to use one of the available means of cleaning plumbing fixtures.

The use a standard plunger
The plunger is the simplest, but quite effective device to clean the drain in the plumbing fixtures. It is a rubber hemisphere attached to the handle. The principle of cleaning is to create high pressure or vacuum in areas blockages. Before you start, you need to take steps to strengthen this unit. The rubber cap does not come off with the arm (which happens quite often), it needs to tie to the tree 2-3 small screws.

The method of using a plunger is pretty simple. First you need to try to use the vacuum. The device is promoted as far as possible in the drain field. It is pressure, after which the plunger suddenly jerks themselves. The action should be repeated several times. If this does not help, then apply pressure. The cap is applied to the edge of the drain and is aligned to the cutoff of the liquid. This is followed by a strong push the product down. The operation is repeated until obtaining the desired result.

A plumbing snake
It is not always possible to solve a problem with a choke toilet bowl using a plunger. Water pressure and vacuum is powerless against compacted and compressed obstacles in the drain. Such blockages can be destroyed only by mechanical impact. For this it is best to use a special plumbing snake. For work at home enough products up to 5 m.

A plumbing snake is a steel tourniquet of twisted strong steel wire. Some models are made of stainless steel. At its one end pressed arm adapted for rotation. The other end is equipped with a tip with a thread. On the tip of the fixed replaceable nozzle in the form of spikes, hook and screw. With their help, is punching, the weakening of the blockage or seizure of its individual fragments.

Before cleaning it is recommended to prepare the container for garbage and rags for wiping dirt that inevitably appears during such works. The cable end with a nozzle is inserted into the drain and pushed deep into him. As soon as there is resistance, need to start rotating the handle clockwise. Depending on the type of foreign object blocking the drain, its break or pull out. The cleaning procedure is repeated as long as the water will freely drain away from the toilet.

To determine how to clean the toilet from clogging, you need a good understanding of its structure and have simple tools to independently carry out rinsing of the pipes. However, if you restore the patency of the system on their own proved to be impossible, you have to seek the assistance of professionals.